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Photoshop Creative new issue 123 out now


Officially the world’s best Photoshop magazine, Photoshop Creative is jam-packed with practical Photoshop advice and incredible step-by-step tutorials for all abilities and versions.

If you think you know everything about layers, think again! There are always new things to discover or ways to improve how you use them. This issue’s main feature focuses on 20 common layer mistakes and how to avoid them. It also offers step-by-step guides on creating pixel art with the Pencil tool, getting creative with displacement maps, combining the Pen tool with brushes and filters, painting watercolour silhouettes, and much more. We also have beginner guides on the Magic Wand tool, building a scrapbook, fixing indoor shots and other essential edits.

Available from all good newsagents and supermarkets.

photoshop creative 123