Full set of Copic Markers


In the ever growing world of technology most people nowadays have a Smartphone or tablet (or both), by using your Smartphone or tablet combined with digital crafting you can make fantastic designs.
In the usual way you can use a digital stamp, then print it out colour it in and use it in your crafting project.
To colour in the digital stamp a set of markers is required, but these (especially a full set) can be expensive.
Fear not, this is where your Smartphone or tablet comes in. There is a app available for both Android and iOS, called Sketchbook Pro. There is a free version, and also a pay for version (which contains extra features).
This app has some amazing features, which will be covered in tutorials on this site. Once inside this app, what we want is the Colour palette. By tapping the colour icon it brings up the colour palette, however if you tap the icon to the side of the colour palette this brings up the Copic palette.
This is a full set of Copic markers, 212 in total. It gives the colour, the Markers code (which relates to the actual marker) and even complimenting colours.
This makes it simple and great for colouring in Digital stamps. Its far better then printing out the stamp and colouring in, as if you make a mistake you just undo and start again, until your completely happy. Save your design (stamp), then print out the fully coloured stamp ready for your craft project.
A full tutorial with regards to using the digital Copic Markers will be here soon.

***A Quick Edit***

Since writing this Sketchbook Pro has been updated and is now just called Sketchbook. Due to this change the Copic Markers are now not in the standard version. In order to get the Copic markers you need to upgrade. This in the UK costs £2.49. You also get some other extras with the upgrade. But for £2.49 its well worth for the Copic markers alone.