A new range of Surface

Microsoft have now released their new range of Surface products. They come is a variety of configurations to hopefully suit a wider range of consumer.

Surface Pro 7

The Surface pro 7 again builds on the much loved surface, which the initial look of the device not changing. We still have the usual ports however we now have an addition of USB C port as well as the normal USB connection.

Base model is an Intel Core i3 processor with 4GB of RAM and 128Gb of storage. The price tag is £799.00

We then go up in specs to the top of range model with an Intel Core i7 processor 16Gb of RAM and 1Tb of storage. Price tag of £2249.00

In between these models is an array of configurations and prices processors of i3,i5,and i7. RAM of 8GB or 16Gb (only the base model has 4Gb) and storage from 128Gb to the whopping 1Tb. In total 7 different models.

Microsoft have said that the new surface is faster then the previous model and will give 10 hours of battery life.

As with the last model the Surface pen is now an additional extra and not included in the box with the device (just Microsoft squeezing more money out of us.

Surface pro X

Next in the surface range is the Surface Pro X. This a new machine with a few differences to the Surface pro 7.

First its thinner. Next it has a type keyboard already attached. The reason for this is that it also has a new design surface pen that slots into the top of the keyboard, where it charges up. With a special fold in the keyboard cover you can hid the pen while typing. It’s a very nice design.

Connection wise the device has 2 USB C connections.

However the main difference is that the Surface Pro X is not powered by Intel processors, but instead by a Microsoft SQ1 chip. This has been designed by Microsoft in partnership with Qualcomm.

Battery life is stated at 13 hours. You also get Bluetooth Wifi and LTE to give ‘always on’ connectivity. Screen size is 13 inch.

Models start with 8 Gb RAM and 128Gb storage which is £999.00.

This slight downside is that due to the processor it runs custom versions of programs and a new version of Windows 10 which is a bit strange.

The Surface pro X is released on 19th November 2019.

More in the range

As well as the range of tablet/laptop hybrids in there range Microsoft are also adding 2 new devices to the Surface range. These are in the phone variety.

Microsoft dropped out of the mobile phone development some years ago. Ending Windows Mobile operating system as developers were more concentrated on developing for Apple (iPhone) and Android.

But now its looks as if Microsoft are had another go at this area.

The Surface Duo is a mobile phone that folds in half. However unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. The Surface Duo has 2 separate screens. Each screen can be used separately or together as a big screen, allowing for drag and dropping pictures and files between apps. The device has a 360° hinge which allows for a software keyboard on 1 screen and apps on the other creating a mini laptop.

Details are still a little sketchy at the moment as release is not until 2020 so some specs could change.

Along side the Surface Duo is a device called the Surface Neo. This in simple terms is a bigger Surface Duo. Again details are sketchy with a 2020 release.