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Photoshop Creative issue 135


The latest issue of Photoshop Creative now available.

In this issue, discover how to create fantasy and sci-fi art thanks to masks. Whether you want to build a dystopian landscape, a sci-fi portrait or a mystical creature, we show you how! There are also step-by-step tutorials on applying liquid-paint effects to photos, colouring your sketches, using the Warp tool to create stunning surreal scenes and more. Advanced users are also guided through essential techniques to consider when dealing with concept art, as well as how to take 3D renders into Photoshop to fine-tune, and a range of other pro tips. Elements users are shown how to use masks and selections to create fantasy scenes, how to draw and colour illustrations, top retouching tips and other great Elements-only tutorials. There are also exclusive interviews, inspirational artwork and a whole lot more! Plus, there are hundreds of free resources on the FileSilo worth $280!


Get your copy now from all good newsagents and supermarkets.