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All new (sort of) Sketchbook

At the end of June a new update for Sketchbook was released. This was the first from who have acquired the program (app) from Autodesk.

One of the main parts of this new release is that the Copic color library has now been removed. This may (probably will) disappoint some users. Sketchbook have stated that new color options are being developed for future releases along with other exciting additions.

The transfer however, didn’t go as smoothly as planned and its being reported that a number of bugs have appeared in this new release (5.2.4). are aware of the problems and have said that it is a systems permission issue, mostly effecting Android 11 user. An update has been sent to Google which will fix the issues and also reconnect users Gallery (as this disappeared).


Sketchbook has now released version 5.2.5, which fixes the above issues, including pen hover and the Gallery files disappearing.

News Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro update

It’s been a while since the last post but things are starting to get moving again.

To begin Autodesk has recently updated their Sketchbook Pro app for Android, Windows 10 and iOS.

Bringing the app up to version 5.0 this updated along with the normal bug fixes gives you 2 extra tools. The Perspective Tool and The Curved Ruler.

Users of the desktop version may already know the Perspective Tool so this excellent news that it’s been brought to mobile versions.

For an in depth look at this new tools read the blog post on Autodesk’s website

Sketchbook Pro version 5.0 update

News Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro update

Sketchbook Pro for Windows 10 has just released another update, and this one is pretty good.

So what’s included. Well we have some new tools and colour tweaks.

  • A Distort and Transform tool
  • HSL and colour balance option
  • A new Text Tool
  • plus the usual bug fixes etc.

For all in depth information check out the link below.

The Windows 10 version of Sketchbook Pro is getting better and better and really becoming a must have app.



News Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook for Windows 10 update Copic

On the 4th August 2017 an update to Sketchbook for Windows 10 was released.

In this update they have now provided the much anticipated Copic markers.

This is a much requested addition to the Windows 10 version, as they are already included in the Windows Desktop and mobile (pro) versions.

Copic markers are used throughout the design and illustration world, so to have a digital version is amazing.

Once you have updated to the new version (16.0).  Go to the palette menu on the top right and click/tap.

This will show the usual palettes, (Layer Editor, Color Editor etc.) you will also see the new Copic palette. Tap to open.

The new Copic Color palette will open. This shows each marker with colour code (like the real marker).

To cycle through different colors use the rainbow picker at the top.  When you tap on a marker, it will show the marker and marker code, the name of the color and complementary color codes for that particular color.


Also in this update  the option for Cut, Copy and Paste have been added. To get to these you will need the Layer Editor open. In the top right of this palette, tap the menu (burger). This will display the layer options with the additional Cut, Copy and Paste.

For more details about this update check out Sketchbook Copic Update.

The update is available from the Windows Store.


News Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook update

Sketchbook for Windows 10 has recently had an update.

In this update  some selection tools have now been added. This a real bonus when working in Sketchbook and something that was part of the Desktop and mobile versions. So its nice to see it arrive in the Windows 10 (tablet) version.

In addition Radial Symmetry has also now been included. This is great for creating wheel spokes and patterns.

For a full write up see the Sketchbook website:


**Please Note that on the website it states a full set of selection tools, however on updating you will only get 3, Rectangular, Lasso and Magic Wand. I have contacted Autodesk with regards to this and when the other tools will arrive. Once I have an update it will be posted here**