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All new (sort of) Sketchbook

At the end of June a new update for Sketchbook was released. This was the first from who have acquired the program (app) from Autodesk.

One of the main parts of this new release is that the Copic color library has now been removed. This may (probably will) disappoint some users. Sketchbook have stated that new color options are being developed for future releases along with other exciting additions.

The transfer however, didn’t go as smoothly as planned and its being reported that a number of bugs have appeared in this new release (5.2.4). are aware of the problems and have said that it is a systems permission issue, mostly effecting Android 11 user. An update has been sent to Google which will fix the issues and also reconnect users Gallery (as this disappeared).


Sketchbook has now released version 5.2.5, which fixes the above issues, including pen hover and the Gallery files disappearing.