Getting Copic Markers in Sketchbook


In this tutorial we will show you how to get to the Copic Marker Swatches inside Sketchbook on your Smartphone or Tablet.

First you will need to download Sketchbook from the App store. In this tutorial were using the Android version from the Google Play Store. The Standard version does not have the Copic Markers, so you will need to purchase the Pro add ons. In the UK this cost £2.49.

Once you have the Pro version you should see a screen like this:


Tap the second Icon from the right for the colour palette copictut02

The Colour palette should now appear:


In the top left of the colour palette are four squares. Tap this icon copictut02b

This will bring up the Copic Marker Palette.


As you can see, when you tap on a colour swatch,  it will tell the  Marker code (in the screenshot its BV00), the name of the Colour (in the screenshot its Mauve Shadow), and any complementary  colours.

A full set of 212 colours is here. Enjoy.